Platform Driver IPA


Ask anyone who has followed the history of the brewery for long enough and they’ll always say that Polly’s love to give the spotlight to the classics, whilst embracing their status as modern day juice slingers. This couldn’t be more apparent on Platform Driver - a classic text-book Polly’s beer if ever there were one. Two hop showcase referring that long lost love of ours, the Originals range? Check. Bringing an old school hop to the party with a new school hype variety? Hell yeah, why not. Platform Driver brings a rhythm section of Centennial, keeping everything together with those classic citrus, grassy, and resinous pine notes, whilst Galaxy is the flashy showcase, bringing a whole host of ripe apricot, peach, and passionfruit aromas, with just a whisper of dankness in the back. Finished with a flourish by our in-house LA3 strain, this is team Polly’s doing what they do best.

ABV: 6.1%
Volume: 440ml