Who we are...

There is nothing better in life than taking that first sip of your freshly poured beer and realising that you have picked yourself a quality drop.

In 2020, we had a lot of time to sit down, in-between four walls and explore the beauty of craft beer. This led us on a hop-filled journey across the globe.

We soon realised that some of the best breweries in the world are not available in Singapore. So we set out to change that. From an idea discussed during a lockdown video call, to filling our first container, our endless mission is to bring top quality, highly rated craft beers to Singapore.

With a team spread across Singapore and the UK, we aim to seek out and source the very best beers from around the world, forming quality relationships directly with the breweries. We utilise cold chain logistics from the minute the beer leaves the brewery, to the moment it's in your hand. All to ensure that that first sip is fresh as possible.

Our core ingredients are simple:

Quality Beers, Quality Relationships, Quality Experiences

We look forward to sharing some of our Quality Drops with you. If you see us around, come say hello...

The Quality Drops Team (Dory, Russell and Dave)