Stouts & Porters

One of the oldest and arguably most famous styles of beer, stouts (and porters) date back to around 1600. Stout uses a roasted malt and little hops to get a more robust, roasty, coffee and chocolate flavour. Modern, craft beer stouts can have additions of coffee, chocolate, cream, oats, marshmallow and other crazy ingredients.
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Mash Gang Brewery
Sinner Bone Alcohol Free Stout
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Garage Beer Co.
PARKA Porter
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Full Circle Brew Co.
Short Circuit Dry Stout
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Delicious Stouts and Porters Delivered To Enjoy In The Comfort of Your Own Home

Stout, an old favourite of the ale family, has a distinct dark colour and a strong flavour profile. This brew is known for its complexity and depth, coming in various styles, from toasty and dry to indulgent and creamy. Thus, stout brands are a cherished foundation of craft beer culture worldwide. 

Characteristics of Stouts in Beer

What is the character of stout beer?

Stout beer offers an enticing array of textures and flavours that enthusiasts enjoy.

Let’s look at the distinguishing characteristics that attribute this beer to a perennial favourite status.

Style Expectations

Thanks to roasted barley, both stouts and porters have a solid character. They move away from their “Stout Porter” roots and toward a more decadent flavour persona. Draught stout has a creamy texture and a thick head, which contrasts with bottled stout brands since it uses nitrogen infusion rather than carbonation.

Appearance of Stouts

Stouts have an opaque, dark appearance indicative of midnight, varying in rusted colours to abysmal blackness. Nitrogen-based Irish Dry stouts have marshmallow-like crowns, whereas Imperial stout
and American counterparts have brownish-red froth, along with nitrogen stouts displaying an intriguing cascade of bubbles.

What do Stouts Taste Like?

Stout offers a diverse flavour profile, spanning from the vibrant intensity of espresso to chocolate's smooth embrace. Roasted barley adds a bittersweet note that blends with caramel, coffee, and dried fruits, creating a symphony of flavours ranging from the fiery depths of Russian imperial stouts to the gentle sweetness of milk stouts.

What is the Aroma Profile?

Stout’s olfactory path is interesting,
with coffee and chocolate notes contributing to the powerful scent of roasted barley. Some varieties exude the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, whereas others have citrusy or floral bouquets. Nitrogen infusions incorporate a velvety texture.

Do stouts have hops?

Stout’s appeal extends to its elegant mouthfeel, harmoniously combining malty sweetness and hops. Irish stouts have a creamy texture from nitrogen’s sensitive touch, welcoming contemplation with each silky sip.

Stout Alcohol Content

Stouts have a wide ABV range (5.7-8.9%), from session pleasures to potent brews suitable for royalty, adapting to various tastes and occasions. Whether partaking in Russian imperial stouts’ opulence or a low-alcohol Irish dry stout, every sip guarantees a journey of unmatched richness.

Stouts represent a legacy of complexity and craftsmanship that goes beyond mere libations, enticing one’s senses and feeding the soul.

Stout beers in Singapore are incredibly versatile, ranging from traditional dry stouts to creative pastry variations.

Browse the extensive selection offered by Quality Drops Beer, a Craft beer store in Singapore. And embrace experimentation while enjoying the plethora of flavours this cherished style offers, as well as other beer styles such as IPA and lagers.

Cheers to stout beer’s timeless appeal, which delights palates across cultures worldwide. Raise a glass and enjoy the dark flavours of stout beer!