Vault City Brewing

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Established: 2018

Speciality: Fruit heavy, modern sour beers.

From the brewery:

We set up Vault City in 2018, brewing the Modern Sour beers we were brewing for ourselves on the biggest kit we could fit into our flat in Murrayfield. Mixed Fermentation Sour beer has been an interest for many years, giving us the opportunity to push the boundary of what can be considered beer.
Following a number of successful festival appearances we made the next step of moving into our tiny 500 sqft brewery in 71 brewing’s warehouse, where we currently contract brew on 71’s equipment and ferment/fruit/package on our own. We're currently in the middle of moving operations to our own site in Portobello, bringing Vault City back to the capital of Scotland.

Our philosophy continues how it started...

We want to showcase the finest ingredients, pairing exotic and local fruits with unusual ingredients in a no holds barred approach to create beers that excite and intrigue.

We brew exclusively mixed-fermentation sour beer.

This means we co-ferment lactobacillus with saccharomyces. This is quite different to the majority of breweries making sour beer, and in our experience creates complexity and a smooth acid profile that cannot be matched using other methods. If people want to nerd out on that then there’s subtle complexities to our beer that you can sit down and mull over, or you can drink a 6-pack of our session sours in an hour, because it’s hot out and they taste like Raspberry juice, the choice is wide open!