Our Breweries

Our mission at Quality Drops is to bring a selection of world class craft beers to Singapore. Beers which are highly rated and reviewed, coming from some of the most talked about breweries. In our first shipments we will focus on the UK, bringing you some of the best craft beer Britain has to offer. All of which is new to Singapore.

Click the links below to find out about breweries story, style and then try the beer for yourself!

Focusing on fresh, modern and hop forward beers. Polly's Brew Co. has had a phenomenal few years since creation in 2018. Their Pale Ales, IPAs and DIPAs are now considered some of the best the UK has to offer to the world.

A small team started Wander in 2017, with an ambition to make beers bursting with flavour. Their creative, bold and fruity brews make for an exciting journey through the mountains and caves of the Wander Beyond world.

Pomona is a small brewery that are working up big flavoured beers. Best known for their double dry hopped New England style beers and big, complex fruit sours.

Founded by the pioneers behind "the UK's first craft beers bar - North Bar", which influenced a new wave of modern beer bars and breweries across the country, including their own.

Set up with the biggest equipment the team could fit into their Edinburgh flat, they have recently been through massive expansion. Vault City specialise in mixed fermentation fruity, modern sour beers and push the boundaries of what is considered traditional.

Located in Australia's Blue Mountains, DJ McCready and his wife set up a brewpub in a disused building. Little did they know that they would come out of the otherside of the pandemic as Australia's best rated craft brewery.

Left Handed Giant

Bristol based and community owned since 2017, LHG quickly became known for producing some of the best brews in the UK. Their modern, progressive beer and great stouts are now here in Singapore.

Full Circle Brew Co.

Despite launching their first seasonal beers on the first day of COVID lockdown, the Full Circle team managed to adapt - creating an impressive reputation. For the first time, you can find their beers outside of Europe.

Alpha Delta Brewing

One of the UK's most promising upcoming breweries, based out of Newcastle. They have been smashing out the quality beers of recently, and it's been VERY hard to get hold of.