Mash Gang - Alcohol Free Craft Beers

Location: Originally from the UK but brewing in US, EU, AUS and UK

Established: 2020

Speciality: Making alcohol free craft beers that still push the boundaries of brewing and taste just like what you know.

From the brewery: Alcohol Free beer for people who don't do Alcohol Free beers." says Jordan Childs, founder and brewer at Mash Gang. "We’re inclusive. If you want to drink one of our beers and follow it up with an imperial stout, we’re not going to judge you."

The guys started with the intention that AF beer shouldn't be less tasty or appealing because it's alcohol free,

It's all about using the same high quality ingredients and process that goes into alcoholic craft beer. Now they work with breweries in the US, UK, EU and Australia to brew their beer local to the market.