Why we love to keep our beers chill...

Why we love to keep our beers chill...

June 30, 2022

You’ll have heard it before, craft beer should always be cold. But you don’t always see it. Why does it matter?

Since we started Quality Drops, we knew that we had spend a lot of time and effort to work with the best breweries. We also realised we absolutely had to keep our beers cold from the minute it leaves the brewery, to the glasses of you lovely people!

Keeping the beer at 4-6 Celsius means that a lot of ageing processes are slowed down. Volatile Hop flavour and aroma fades fast due to molecules kinetic energy increasing at higher temps, speeding up chemical reactions. Soon you are left with something that really isn’t what the brewers intended! Increased sweetness, caramel, cardboard like flavours are some of the most common negative effects.

These chilled temps are even more important in craft beer, which is often unpasteurised. Lower temperatures inactivate remaining yeast (when this doesn’t happen, you might get exploding cans and foam everywhere - a messy lesson!)

A great craft beer, properly transported and stored between 4-6 degrees should remain great, even for a while after the ‘best before’ date. However, when not stored correctly, it’s a drastic and rapid drop off… at 20-30 Celsius you can expect it to go bad in 1-3 months.

So there we have it! Hunting own the beer that has been chilled at 4-6 degrees for its whole life means you’ll be drinking the best possible beer money can buy. 🧊🍻

TL;DR: You wouldn’t buy warm milk now would you! 🥛🐮

All our beers are kept chilled from the brewery to the bar or your home! So go check our what you need for refreshment and we’ll handle the rest 🤙 

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