'The Drops Station' hits East Coast - Mutt Motorcycles, Joo Chiat Road

Mutt Motorcycles Drop Station Quality Drops Craft Beer

November 16, 2021

Hello Droplets!

We are very excited to announce that fridge full of the latest craft beers from IPAs to lagers; has landed at Mutt Motorcycles in Joo Chiat Road, on Singapore's East Coast.

Mutt Motorcycle Company is a small cc, retro styled, custom motorcycle manufacturer and lifestyle store that are on a mission to make motorcycling as accessible as possible without ever comprising quality or style. 

They have a great community, centered around the very slick, welcoming shop house at 432 Joo Chiat Road. Whilst having a beer and chatting about both Quality Drops and Mutt's ambitions, we saw a lot of similarities. That's when the idea popped up to have a fridge of quality craft beers to create an even more welcoming home.

Do check them out if you have time, have a beer and a chat... The Mutt story is a very interesting one! Let us know how you get on...

If the location is too far for you, why not try our craft beer delivery

The QD Team