What is a Modern Sour beer?

What is a Modern Sour beer?

July 05, 2022

What is a 'Modern Sour' beer? πŸ‰πŸŠπŸπŸ“πŸ’πŸπŸΊ

In recent years, sour beers have gained a lot of interest from beer nerds and newcomers alike... This growing interest is partly due to the rise of the 'Modern Sour'. Sour styles are different from pale ales; their tart, zingy, fruity flavour profiles can be divisive amongst drinkers, but we know one thing for sure - we absolutely love them! 😍

Traditional methods of producing sour beer often involve spontaneous fermentation, a kind of magic process which carries a complex bunch of different yeast and bacterial species. These yeasts can be introduced naturally or 'spontaneously' through processes like ageing in wooden barrels or leaving the window open for a bit.

The difficulty is that it can take months, if not years to produce and it can be hard to control the outputs consistency and quality. They are generally pretty intense beasts, definitely a sharer!

That is where the Modern Sour comes in...

Through endless experimentation, breweries like @vaultcitybrewing have perfected the perfect blend of yeast and bacteria that ferments quickly and consistently. Add this to a controlled brewing process, modern equipment, the outcome is a bit more controllable and predictable!

This means they can play around more with the contents of the beers, chucking in the craziest combos to make some mouthwatering flavours as well as simple and easy session sours. Currently they are brewing up 3 new Modern Sour Beers every fortnight. 🀯🀯🀯

Our favourites are the 'Strawberry & Lime Session' (one is never enough) and 'Pear & Vanilla', full of thick, ripe, juicy pears.

That's class kids! See you next time...

Homework is to head over to the webshop to get your Vault City Modern Sour Beers today! πŸš›

πŸ“Έ: @vaultcitybrewing