What effect does water have on beer?

What effect does water have on beer?

July 05, 2022


Beer is 90-95% water, but we don’t talk about it that much… Turns out water does have a pretty big impact on the beer and brewing process. So let’s get to it:

The mineral make up of water can affect the flavour of the wort, which is the liquid we get out of the malt when soaked in water. Then, the pH of the water can effect the bitterness levels in the taste. Other effects to flavour and balance can be felt due to other elements like added chlorine or contamination.

Knowing what the water profile is like at the brewery will mean the beer style can be tailored to the water. Brewers can also play around with water to extract the maximum potential from the beer.

For example, some breweries like Australia’s Mountain Culture Beer Co. use a reverse osmosis filtration system to strip back the water to its core elements. From here the profile and balance can be adjusted to make a Pilsner with Czech water or New England with water from the East Coast US.

This has allowed them to become one of the best breweries in Australia, and absolutely nail their highly sought after hazy beers. You can buy their collection of craft beers on our website now.

More about those guys later on!