We've opened the Smith Street Tavern for six weeks!

We've opened the Smith Street Tavern for six weeks!

January 17, 2023

A Chinatown hawker stall will be transformed into a mini 'British Tavern' for six weeks starting Friday 13th January 2023. Local craft beer sellers Quality Drops Craft Beer and Beer Clan are collaborating with hawker craft beer pioneers Smith Street Taps, over at Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

The Smith Street Tavern is just a few stalls down from the main Smith Street Taps beer stall, and will be a showcase of the best that British Craft Beer has to offer. As well as an ever rotating selection of beer, the six week line-up is set to include tap takeovers by British breweries, running clubs, food pairing events, classic pub snacks from the UK and prize giveaways.

With 10 rotating taps and a fridge stocked with British craft beer, the Tavern will highlight the recent success of craft beer breweries in the UK. Russell, owner of Quality Drops says "Britain is going through a nearly two decade long craft beer boom, around 2,400 craft breweries exist today. However, we believe that in the last 5 years, British craft breweries are brewing some of the best that the world has to offer. Access to top ingredients, knowledge transfer from breweries around the world, as well as a refinement of skills and equipment has meant some of the best breweries are UK based. That's why we work so closely with them to import the beer to Singapore"

Beer Clan's owner Craig let's us know what what's in store, 'We've got top beers from breweries based in England, Scotland and Wales. Each has their own speciality which they are renowned for, for example Vault City from Edinburgh focus purely on fruited sour beers which are very popular here in Singapore. Tartarus, from Leeds, make some big exciting, experimental styles. Then you have breweries like Pollys, Tempest, BEAK and Overtone that are very popular for their mastery of pretty much every style like IPAs and lagers. All of which are already becoming regular features on tap lists across Singapore."

The Smith Street Tavern starts pouring beers on Friday 13th January and will run for six weeks. Opening times, beer line ups and more details of what's happening in those six weeks can be found on their instagram account @smithstreettavern.