Mash Gang - Top draw alcohol free craft beer is coming to Singapore

Mash Gang - Top draw alcohol free craft beer is coming to Singapore

September 06, 2023

Alcohol free beer is shit. That's the what we've heard a lot over the last few years that we have been working in craft beer, or all beer for that matter. And to a certain extent, it's true... Alcohol free or low alcohol beer has historically been low on flavour or just weird.

However - over the last year or so, we've started to try more and more no and low alcohol beers that have made us re-think our expectations. Then, refreshing non-alcoholic pilsners, XPAs etc. found a place in our drinks line up more and more. Great for a certain occasion, maybe when your want to be fresh in the morning, trying to get stacked or just taking it easy on a hot day out under the equatorial sun. You surely wouldn't sit down and drink one for the taste though? 

That's when we heard of Mash Gang. The UK gypsy-brewers (use other peoples kit!), started their brewing journey in the first UK COVID lockdown, looking to brew top drawer beers without the alcohol. Cool artwork, hazy brews and one thing that really got our attention - growth. The 'hype' (hate that word...) that we were seeing around Mash Gang was crazy, a successful crowdfunder, beers selling out, 700% growth in a year, collabs with some of the best breweries around, exporting and brewing across the world around craft beer bars- these guys were changing the perception of alcohol free beers. We had to try some, and that was that. 

So we are very happy to say that we are officially bringing Mash Gang to Singapore. We had a call with the lads and both had similar ideas of where we think the future of lo/no alcohol craft beers are going and the potential in somewhere like Singapore. This direct connection to the brewery will allow us to get all the latest and best brews that they have to offer. We truly believe that this these beers have a place in everyone's beer line up, whatever wets your whistle.


We've got their signature beers like Stoop Lager, Chug Hazy Pale Ale, seasonal east and west coasts, stouts, and some great collabs with the likes of Vault City and Verdant. They will arrive in a few weeks, so subscribe to our newsletter on the webshop and keep your eyes peeled here for more info.


If you want to read more about Mash Gang you can check out this great article by brewers journal or check out their web site. You might also be interested to learn about the differences between craft and commercial beers.