Garage Beer Co. from Barcelona lands in Singapore

Garage Beer Co. from Barcelona lands in Singapore

November 02, 2022

Earlier in the year we got chatting to the lovely lads and ladies at @garagebeerco in Barcelona 🇪🇸 We tried some of the beers and immediately loved the fresh, flavour-laden beers, sitting inside those amazing looking cans.

So we thought why not head over to the Barcelona to enjoy the Spanish sun, have a little party and of course, drink some craft beers.

The team welcomed us with open arms and we had an awesome time at the launch party for their latest brew 🍺 music, tacos and fresh beer, what’s not to like.

After we dusted off the hangover the next day, we headed to the original Garage Brewpub in the Eixample neighbourhood to meet one of the founders Alberto who filled us in on the Garage story 🍻(and drank a few pints).

We jetted back off to Singapore and worked out a plan to get some fresh Garage⚡️beer on our little island... And now here they are!


SOUP IPA - The IPA beer that put Garage on the map, a burst of juicy, tropical new england flavours on a soft, delicate, delicious finish.

VIRTUE SIGNAL NEIPA - A brewery favourite returns, a hazy IPA that is big on mango and peach but packed full of resinous pine and ganja. It carries a slightly firmer bitterness than their other hazys but, refreshes like a champ.

LACURA 22 IPA - Part of the latest harvest series - Using fresh, wet Catalonian hops, the result is a incredibly smooth bodied IPA that has a tangible grassy, resinous undertones but bursts fruit on the front end.

WET WEST WCIPA - Part of the latest harvest series - 100kg of hops from farm to kettle in the same day. These american hops grown in Spain are a bit more juicy, producing an easy drinking, pale citrus and pine fest IPA with a crisp finish and a medium bitterness.

ROLLO BELLINI SOUR - Part of the latest harvest series - 1000 litres of freshly pressed Xarello wine must from a great local natural wine maker and added it to sour wort before a gentle hopping and and healthy addition of peach. A relatively dry finish and soft acidity create an elegant and refreshing sour beer. 🥂🍑

SAICOS DIPA - A new kid on the block. Saicos is packed with Citra, Cashmere, Bru-1 and Citra Cryo giving the fruit bowl treatment with notes of juicy pineapple, mango, melon, citrus zest and peach. The base is soft and fluffy and the low bitterness make this a luscious DIPA.

CORE RANGE - In small tins, we have the Garage classics. Riba, a crisp unfiltered pilsner. Ocata, a juicy, yet crisp mix between NEIPA and West Coast. Santako, a piney resinous West Coast and P9, a Raspberry and passionfuit 'Barcelona Weisse'.

All come in some beautifully artworked cans and you'll be able to grab all of these at the fiesta this Saturday, or around the island and from the webshop with craft beer delivery next week! 🍻