Finding GOLD at Beer Fest Asia 2023 🏅

Finding GOLD at Beer Fest Asia 2023 🏅

July 10, 2023

Such a good week! We are just about recovered from the BeerFestAsia 2023 weekend. As our first big craft beer event, it was both exciting and knackering but we know that next time it will be that little bit easier.

We bought The Tavern back to life with Beer Clan and we had Vault City founder Steven, fly over from Edinburgh to help us sling some modern sours over at the Vault City stall.

We were totally loving the fact so many of you were coming down to our stalls and loving the beer. We had quite the queue at times, and we were stressed changing the kegs every couple of hours… The fact a 13% Azvex imperial stout lasted 2 hours is beyond us! However, it was great fun and we would do it all again. Thanks to all those that visited the stall, friends, Quality Drops customers, new drinkers and industry pals alike. We even got a little write up in The Straits Times!

A highlight was winning GOLD for both beers we entered into the BeerFestAsia 2023 awards. Strawberry Sundae Sour by Vault City won the best sour and Looper IPA by Full Circle won best IPA - both us and the breweries were loving the recognition from the panel for these great beers.

We also couldn’t have done this without help and volunteering from a lot of people. Natasha who designed all of the stand branding and graphics, bringing our visions to life. Our dependable friends who volunteered behind the bars Danny, Joe, Rory, Crystal, Tasha, Stella, Jack, Charlotte, Konsti were absolute legends and many did multiple days - couldn’t have done it without them…

That’s it for now, we have learnt a lot in the process. We will be repping Vault City at Brewnanza in the first weekend of August so get that in your diaries.

Back to business now… Shop our collections of beers and enjoy cold and fresh craft beer deliveries! 📦🚚🍻