Zappa Pale Ale


We find ourselves in an extremely lucky position here at Polly’s in that we’re given first dibs on some of the newest hop varietals sending our brewing cousins over in the US into complete delirium. We had heard all kinds of rumblings about this relatively new neomexicanus wild-grown strain known as Zappa, and how if Citra was likened to a classic American muscle car, this varietal was somewhere closer to a Hummer in potency and aggressiveness. Just as rebellious and unorthodox as its namesake, we only needed to use a very small amount in this pale ale, but boy does it have some pungency. Expect the usual Polly’s mango, stonefruit and peach characteristics, but backed up with white pepper, mint and herbal complexity. Insane

ABV: 4.8%
Volume: 440ml