Low Style Pale Ale


You know sometimes when you swear you’ve definitely worked with a combination of hops, only to find it’s eluded you for all these years? We were absolutely staggered when we realised we’d never married up two of our favourite varietals, El Dorado, and Motueka. Never ones to leave a concept dormant, we immediately set about correcting this massive blip in our brewing history, and Low Style is the result. With some of what we feel are the US and New Zealand’s most underrated and underappreciated hop varieties on display here, we wanted to go bigger than usual for one of our pale ales and the result is a sessionable beer punching agonisingly close to an IPA dry hop g/l hopping rate. Expect to find super light lemon and lime notes backed up with floral, basil and rosemary aromas, before that characteristic El Dorado tropical punchbowl of flavour takes over, imparting a whole host of ripe mango, papaya, and (no, seriously) jelly tot notes into this all out banger of a pale ale.

ABV: 5.3%
Volume: 440ml