Finale Oatcream DDH Imperial / Double IPA


Note: This beer is close to or past its 'Best Before' date. This beer may not be like drinking it when a week old but it will still be a very tasty. We use 100% cold chain from as soon as the beer leaves the brewery, to the moment it gets delivered to your door. This ensures that the beer will stay fresh for longer and slow down any natural ageing.

We are big fans of One Drop and have been chugging their beers over the last few months. The here in your hand is the culmination of over 500+ hours of research, inhouse development, trial, error, and our customer’s feedback from a wider 4 volume series release. This is a temporal timestamp, and true expression, of all the brewing techniques, hops and hop products, malt schedules, water profiles, dry hop doses and rates, analysis, and yeast blends we’ve explored to find what work best to create a true One Drop Oat Cream DIPA™.

Jammed with oats and a hint of lactose, hopped with a mix of OD's freshest & favourite hops, and fermented out with their House NEIPA 2.0™ yeast blend

ABV: 7.8%
Volume: 440ml