Triple Fruited Gose: White Guava, Pink Guava & Mango Fruited Gose


As voted for by you, this is a rebrew of a TFG all the way back from 2019. Our signature thick, slick and salty gose recipe comprised of a big dose of oats, ale malt, salt and a sprinkle of lactose is infused with ALL of the organic fruit puree! There’s a special harmony in the way the sweet, zingy guava interacts with the salinity of the beer's base that makes this TFG extra special. It’s a plethora of sherbety tart of sweet sappy tropical flavour and aroma. A true delight, and if we’re honest, the one we were hoping you’d vote for. Stick it in a tiki glass with a wedge of lime, a sparkler and a straw and you’ll forget all about those January blues!

ABV: 4.5%
Volume: 440ml