King Of The Woodland Imperial / Double Stout

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Note: This beer is close to or past its 'Best Before' date. This beer may not be like drinking it when a week old but it will still be a very tasty. We use 100% cold chain from as soon as the beer leaves the brewery, to the moment it gets delivered to your door. This ensures that the beer will stay fresh for longer and slow down any natural ageing.

Imperial Stout with Honeycomb & Pistachio, an amped up version of LHG's original Het Uiltje collaboration stout, Woodland Creatures. The grist, made up mainly of Maris Otter and Carafa III welcomes a generous helping of Cinder Toffee and lactose in the boil, creating a rich and roasty, yet sweet and indulgent malt base. The addition of Pistachio extract, introduced post-fermentation, adds depth and completes the flavour profile.

ABV: 12.5%
Volume: 440ml