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WET WEST (Wet Hop) West Coast IPA

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This year we were able to get our hands on enough hops to do two wet hop ales and the second is an IPA hopped with Cascade and Chinook straight from the field. Technically this is neither a hazy boy nor a classic West Coast IPA. The malt platform laid down is lean yet fluffy with just a touch of sweetness. To this, we added
almost 100kg of a blend of Biolupulus Cascade and Chinook which we helped to harvest early one morning in August and transport back to the brewery to go straight into our brew kettle that same day. Although a classic hop combination, these catalan-grown wet hops produce a juicier citrus character than their pelletised counterparts. They also provide a deep level of resin and body from all of the polyphenols in the plant matter. A small post-fermentation dry hop with Cascade and Chinook T90s was added to cover the spectrum of flavours from these two varieties producing an easy drinking, pale citrus and pine fest IPA with a crisp finish and firm bitterness.

ABV: 6%
Volume: 440ml