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Craft Beer Explorer 101 - 8 Pack

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Compliment this pack with our Craft Beer Explorer 101 styles guide (click here). It makes the perfect pack for anyone exploring the world of craft beer. Either as a gift or for yourself, this pack has a range of styles covered - designed to take you on the journey of flavour that started our love for the stuff!

First up is 'Springwell Pilsner' - a 4.5% lager. Pale in colour and light in taste, a good start to exploring craft beers, or just sipping on a hot afternoon.

'Hoop' American Pale Ale - 5.5% is next, a classic style of the craft beer movement. Showing off the citrus and piney hop varieties that were so popular with American home brewers. Clear, light and crisp but full of flavour.

Moving onto something a little stronger, Sun Medallion - a 6.8% West Coast IPA by Pomona Island. WC IPAs are often accompanied by a bold aroma of hops and a bitter, resinous or piney flavour by the time it hits your mouth.

The hazier sibling of the West Coast IPA is one of the most common styles you see in craft beer today. The New England IPA or Hazy IPA, often has a murky appearance, strong aroma and a creamier, thicker feel in the mouth. I'd Buy That For a Dollar % by Pomona Island 6.8% is a classic example of this.

Onto something even more fruity, in the way of a Sour beer - Souropod: Blood Orange, Apricot and Star Anise 6.4% by Staggeringly Good. Modern fruited sours will use a mix of different yeasts, real fruit or puree. Great for the Singapore climate due to their refreshing nature, and for people who might not enjoy other beer styles.

An evolution of the Hazy IPA is the pumped up Double IPA. Basically the booziness, flavour, aroma, thickness and basically everything else is intensified to the max. We've picked out Thagomizer 8.5% by Pomona Island.

One of the oldest and arguably most famous styles of beer, stouts (and porters) date back to around 1600. Stout uses a roasted malt and little hops to get a more robust, roasty, coffee and chocolate flavour. Shadow of Memory 7% by North Brewing Co. is a take on a more classic stout recipe.

Modern stouts have many additions of coffee, chocolate, cream, oats, marshmallow and other crazy ingredients. You often find stouts barrel aged in old dark spirit barrels, and can reach some crazy ABVs (often named Imperial Stouts). We've selected Dradis 12% by Brew York, due to its heavy, strong flavour and booziness. Enjoy this over time!

**From time to time we will edit the contents of the pack due to availability, so it is ever changing. However don't worry, what you see above is what you get!**


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