Wander Beyond Brewing

Location: Manchester, England

Established: 2017

Speciality: Experimenting with bold, fruity and ambitious flavours.

From the brewery:

Hi! We are Wander Beyond Brewing from Manchester, United Kingdom! We launched back in December 17 as a small team with an ambition to make beers bursting with flavour.

"Inspired by the outdoors and our love for adventure, we began to develop a surreal and exciting world to reflect the flavour of our beers. Hops climb mountains, barrels dwell in caves and mischievous fruits roam free."

Brewery resident artist Tina (@tinadrawsthings) creates worlds where hoppy characters, animals and fruits explore.

Eagle eyes will spot the hops on the can match the hops in each beer and different styles have their own themes.

"We release new beers and see how well they go down. With experimentation, by always adjusting and innovating, we let the consumers go on the journey with us."

Ryan Mercer, Sales Director

(Hop Culture, 2019)