Drop Project

Location: London, England

Established: 2019

Speciality: Pushing creative boundaries, high-quality ingredients, premium flavoursome beers.

From the brewery:

As a brewery our mandate is simple, make consistent, high quality, flavoursome beers to the best possible standards. We cut no corners, put in our all and use the best ingredients possible, giving them the respect they deserve and we hope this translates into our beers.

Although we love making big, hazy, modern beers, we try to make a range of styles.

The beers we produce we believe really illustrates our flexibility and brewing standard. As a business and people, we are attempting to do our best, ethically.

Nature plays a huge part in our passions and we are attempting to translate that into our business practice.

From the outset we made a pledge to plant one tree for every brew, which we have done to date.

Our calculations show each beer will then be carbon neutral in 14 years. We have since decided that’s not enough, so from our site in Mitcham we will plant 2 trees per brew and also pledge to plant 1 tree every 100 pints served at our taproom (opening soon) to negate the carbon caused.

We also only use recyclable packaging and earth positive fabrics in our merchandise. We are also about to invest in a hybrid van for our direct deliveries.